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2015 NFD Awards Ceremony

On December 15th the Newark Fire Department honored citizens and firefighters who went beyond the normal scope of duty or activity.  To see a photo gallery of the event, click here.

The awards signify the following events:

Life saving award– is awarded to any Division member who performs a life saving act under conditions where valor (imminent harm to oneself to save the life of another) circumstances do not exist.

“Esprit de Corps”- awarded to any Division member who fosters and inspires enthusiasm, devotion and a strong regard for the honor of the division.

Chief’s Award– awarded to any Division member based on criteria determined by the Fire Chief.  This award is usually for dedication and hard work that goes well beyond the normal scope of what is expected.

Stemple, BradleyLife Saving01/31/2012
Howe, BrianLife Saving11/07/2012
Goodhart, JasonLife Saving01/31/2012
Thompson, BrianLife Saving01/31/2012
Gibson, GregLife Saving01/31/2012
Ashcraft, Alan01/31/2012
Gundelfinger, JosephLife Saving12/6/2012
Lohri, BrianLife Saving12/6/2012
Butterbaugh, KrisLife Saving11/10/2012
Murphy, NealLife Saving11/10/2012
LaPointe, GlennLife Saving11/07/2012
Jaccaud, BrianLife Saving12/06/2012
Pape, MichaelLife Saving11/07/2012
Connor, PatrickLife Saving05/11/2015Post Date: 4/20/2009
Ferris, ChristopherLife Saving05/12/201515 S. 3rd St. Fire-Rescue Post Date: 9/11/2014
Cooperrider, TimLife Saving05/12/201515 S. 3rd St. Fire-Rescue Post Date: 9/11/2014
Metzger, Brandon Unit 279 Brenton Drive
Schaumleffel, JCLife Saving05/13/2015Essex Downs Fire-Rescue
Swearingen, MichaelLife Saving05/13/2015Essex Downs Fire-Rescue
Rehbeck, DarbyLife Saving05/13/2015Essex Downs Fire-Rescue
Wells, TinaChief's Awrd05/13/2015Bike Path Post Date: 4/13/2015
Simmons, NickChief's Awrd05/15/2015IT Design/Implementation
Smith, TimChief's Awrd05/28/2015Investigation/3 arson fires
Webb, AaronEsprit de Corps05/28/20153 years of service, prevention bureau
Tracy, JarradLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Weekly, JeremyLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Melick, TroyLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
McNamara, MichaelLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Sturm, ThomasLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Murphy, NealLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Thian, MichaelLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Pape, MichaelLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Simmons, NickLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Williams, MichaelLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Smith, ToddLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
Pape, MichaelLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
Williams, MichaelLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
LaPointe, GlennLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
McElfresh, DaveLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
Ridenbaugh, TomLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
Simmons, NickLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
Kinsey, TonyLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
Smith, AndyLife Saving12/15/2015Trauma-Shredder
Gundelfinger, JosephLife Saving12/15/2015Choking-Customer Service
Weekly, KyleLife Saving12/15/2015Choking-Customer Service
Ashcraft, AlanLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Glancy, ShaunLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Albertson, DougLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Stough, MarkLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Breece, DustinLife Saving12/15/2015Cardiac Arrest Save
Bolte, JamesLife Saving12/15/2015Rescue-Working Fire
Black, JoshLife Saving12/15/2015Rescue-Working Fire
Schaumleffel, JCLife Saving12/15/2015Rescue-Working Fire
Swearingen, MichaelLife Saving12/15/2015Rescue-Working Fire
Jaccaud, BrianLife Saving12/15/2015Rescue-Working Fire
Lohri, BrianLife Saving12/15/2015Rescue-Working Fire