From the Chief's Desk

On behalf of the Newark Fire Department, welcome to our website.  The success of our leadership team and the Division does not come easy.  Although it may appear as if we operate seamlessly and effectively it would not be possible without the strong foundation and relationships that exist with our stakeholders.  Most importantly, the success of the Newark Division of Fire/EMS can directly be attributed to the outstanding women and men of the Division who make up our ranks and stand ready to serve in any capacity, at any time. 

We must ensure that our Division continues to improve, strengthen, become more diverse, and inclusive for all members.  The Newark Fire/EMS Division is in a great position; poised to meet the challenges we face, while fulfilling the service expectations of the community we serve.  At the NFD, we constantly strive to the lead the way!  I am pleased to present our Division website, and thank you for visiting. 

Fire Chief Brandon Metzger

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